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twenty nine



Annette:  I was up this morning before 7am, and could not help but want to drink in the fresh amber and pink morning light as it played across my livingroom! These antique perfume bottles seemed the perfect playmates for the brio of Sunday morning sunrise, and I took copious amounts of photos! The one I chose is not the best as far as composition, but it's how the morning felt to me and so I'd like to share it. It was all definitely the harbinger of a blissful Sunday for me, of spiritual enrichment, leftover Indian food, dance, Chopin and friends!

Erin: a rather unremarkable Sunday of grocery shopping and thrifting for Poppy's texture basket.  A massive diaper blowout with an overflowing cart of groceries left us racing through the store with a nearly naked baby to buy an emergency outfit we had failed to pack on this one fateful trip.  A baby girl enjoying her first practical joke with her new teeth {need I say more?}.  One of those Sundays that sum up all that is tedious about the realities of marriage and babies while at the same time reminding me just how lucky I am to have a partner to laugh with and sigh with and cry with.  So yes, an unremarkable and less than perfect Sunday, but it still counts {even though the photo is from Saturday}.

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We have a winner


Congratulations to Andrea Kiddsweet who said:

"Love the Space to Breathe photo and Luscious Rose pendant. I really enjoyed your snail mail exchange. I'm still corresponding with my match."

Please email your address to and your pendant will be on its way!

Thanks to everyone for the love, insight, and sales.

For those who didn't win today, there are still lots of items in the shop looking for new, loving homes 😉


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Apples for Poppy Anne Festive Giveaway!


I will be giving away the bird on a branch glass pendant  pictured above with ribbon a necklace to one of my lucky readers.  All I am asking if for you to check out my Etsy Store and leave a comment on this post telling me what your favourite item is.  Open to everyone no matter how far!

These pendants make great gifts for teachers, friends, co-workers, mothers, sisters, grandmothers and any other lovely lady for that matter.  I am making it my mission to fill the shelves with more prints, beaded earrings, some silk screened items, and more pendants so check back often.

I will close comments on Monday November 30th at 10am Eastern Time and announce the winner then. 

Thanks for playing & good luck


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Solstice Thoughts

We have been busy crafting and decorating in festive ways around these parts.

We made orange pomanders while listening to Harry Potter.  We cut out star shaped applesauce ornaments {see recipe at bottom of post}.  We sliced and strung orange slices in doorways and windows along with our paper snowflakes.  We collected red berries and wild grape vines from the yard.  I made a tiny paper bunting garland that stretches from one end of the house to the other.  We listened to each and every Christmas cd we own and played many a Christmas movie while we puttered away.  Not to mention slicing my finger and stapling my thumb.

And we talked.  We talked about what we want Christmas to be.  We talked about the traditions we want to begin and Christmas morning breakfast of waffles and crepes.  We talked about Solstice celebrations we would like to introduce.  We talked about ways in which we can extend the warm feelings on into the week between Christmas and New Years with puzzles, pajamas and cider. 

Though rationally we know and believe wholeheartedly that this time of year has become far too commercialized, it is still a hard habit to break without some effort.  Though we have certain ideas for what we want the season to be about, not everyone in our lives shares the goal.  There are still those people who wish to do the traditional {for lack of a better word} gift exchange with items neither party would buy for themselves.  It turns into a rather funny little dance where everyone exchanges 50 dollars for the sake of trading.  Everything must be even and no one left out even though the money spent is often in vain.

We are politely asking family to not buy Poppy the endless amounts of princesses and plastics that would usually be showered upon the first grandchild.  Our space is small and we want her to use her imagination at play.  So I will include some links, for those who insist {with good intentions} on buying gifts, to online stores that are more in line with our values, will stand the test of time, and perhaps one day be passed on to future generations:  Nova naturals , Natural Kids, Bird and Little Bird, & Beebee Mod

Our Gifts for Poppy:

Handmade Blocks
Perfect Pantaloonswith ribbon on the hem
A mama-knit pixie hatand scarf
Branch blocks
A basket of texture {I will share photos when done}
A special ornament {yet to be chosen}
And perhaps a
handmade tutu

We still want to exchange gifts, but we want them to be handmade {by ourselves or other talented folks}.  We want them to inspire us.  We want them to be things that bring us closer to our authentic selves and life uncommon.  So we have decided to use this time to list some of the more frivolous and beautiful things we have pined for over the course of the year with a few surprises in the mix.  And though these boots are beautiful and something I have wanted for years, they are spendy and the money would do better in our savings account than on my feet to be honest and responsible.

So the journey continues as we drop all of our Christmas baggage at the door and learn how to pack lighter for the season so that we are free to frolic and merry-make as the season was made for it!


Applesauce Ornaments


1 cup applesauce

1 cup cinnamon (I used quite a bit more to be able to roll easily)

2 tablespoons ground cloves


Mix ingredients together all ingredients until you get a dough that can be rolled out

Cut out shapes as you would for sugar or gingerbread cookies

Use a skewer to create holes for hanging

Place on cookie sheet and put in oven on lowest temp possible until stiffened

decorate as desired and hang with twine or ribbon



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Our 2009 Christmas Card

Christmas card 2009

See more photos here.


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wishing it was time…




I haven't been able to stop thinking about this house since we happened upon her listing late Saturday night.




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twenty eight

Sunday 28 

Annette:  I admit I cheated and listened to my first Christmas music today; but if I'm going to cheat, let it be with Nat King Cole! American Thanksgiving is not until next week, but Mr. Cole serendaded me on the train and bus this morning and I could not help but beam broadly at every passerby. It is New York City, but despite its reputation, folks beamed back because it was just that kind of day- resplendently sunny, the perfect chill in the air! My Unitarian Universalist church was alive with Fall flowers, singing, reading, and afterwards, meatless potlucking in the spirit of Thanksgiving! It was with a soul full of Nat King Cole's Christmas, and vegetarian fare from Sri Lankan (again!) vegetables, cranberries and feta cheese, quinoa, veggie lasagna, breads, soups, salads, lentils, quiches, berry pies and carrot-pineapple cake for dessert that I was drawn out into the yard by this red tree and its glowing leaves. Fall is fast fading into the season of togetherness, caroling, lovingly prepared food, altruism (not commercialism!) and instrospection and I am grateful for all of the beauty of this season; for much more than things and rapacious consumption but, for me, the warming food and drink, cozy home and the wonderful souls who share in this life with me. I am beyond grateful. Happy Thanksgiving.

Erin:  Coffee made in our new {thrifted} stovetop percolator.  Making orange pomanders together.  Wearing my new {thrifted} pink nighty and linen pants as long as possible into the afternoon.  All the while listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  An unplanned afternoon with good friends at the local Santa Claus Parade.  Escape balloons.  Cold feet.  Yummy pudding cookies fresh from the oven.  A warm house scented with oranges and cloves.

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Christmas Kickoff

From Country Living Via Brown Turtleneck Sweater

Yesterday was spent listening to Christmas carols, playing Christmas movies while I puttered and Poppy played.  After making a pie and writing a letter I decided to look for inspiration for making our little house feel like a warm winter wonderland.  I found many images and was able to compile a list of natural and economical Christmas decor.  The rest of the day was spent at our round pine table creating paper snowflakes to hang about.

As I may have mentioned before, I love Christmas.  I can't even put into words the warm feeling that churns in my belly when I hear Bing sing or see the first Christmas decorations appear in the stores.  That being said, every year I have been doing less and less decorating because of the work {and mess} that it inevitably entails for me.  We have limited space and storage and each piece of furniture has its allotted space.  Not to mention the two dogs, four cats, and curious crawling {almost walking} baby.  To add a snowy miniature village, a large tree and more festive knick knacks takes it all to another level.  However, this year I am learning to let go of old beliefs and feel dedicated to the task.

Christmas is a frivolous and fun time reminiscent of childhood days.  All practicality should be tossed out the window and we should be jumping in with both feet.  Let the dishes sit while you make paper snowflakes.  Mess up the balance to fit in the tree and village that warms your heart.  The gingerbread crumbs and icing can all be wiped up.  Make room for living and worry about the mess later…come to think of it, this is good practice for the whole year.

So far the Winter Wonderland plans include:

Pomegranates, oranges and pine cones in the trees
Pine, dogwood, and spruce boughs in front planters
White twinkle lights in great abundance
Tiny village in studio
Paper snowflakes
Orange pomanders
Cedar boughs on the banister
Tree trimmings made of fabric, dried oranges, cranberries, popcorn, and paper
Learning more about the Solstice and other fun celebrations
Handmade Christmas gifts for all!

And so this post will be for those moments when I feel overwhelmed and lost…

Country Living Magazine

Country Living Magazine

Living Etc via Homebug

More Ways to Waste Time via Homebug

Better Homes and Gardens


SouleMama Archives


SouleMama Archives

Orange Pomanders via Right At Home



P.S. I want these for Christmas

By El Natualista though they have mysteriously disappeared from the internet since Tuesday.

That simply won't do.



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Found: Words to Live By


Keep walking, though there’s no place to get to.

Don’t try to see through the distances.

That’s not for human beings.

Move within, but don’t move the way fear makes you move.


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A Rainy Day & Thoughts of Christmas


Oh how my heart swoons for Christmas. 

I get through Halloween by the skin of my teeth so I can turn off the porch light and dive into Christmas nirvana as I sleep with visions of sugar plums {whatever they are} dancing in my head.  Every year I hope for the warm old fashioned Christmas I see so often in movies and Christmas cards and yet every year it eludes this hopeful heart of mine.  When I speak of Christmas, I don't think about maxed out credit cards and frantic shopping, but of apple cider and crackling fires.  I think of family and friends gathering in the warm respite of a glowing home like an ember dropped in the snowy landscape.

Ever year I get better at the the handmade Christmas and now, more than ever, I want to create comforting and beautiful Christmas traditions for our little family.  We are not religious folks, but spiritual and earth-based folks, but I find that the season has become largely commercial and, in turn, exhausting and un-fulfilling for so many.

In hopes of creating the holiday spirit I so crave, I think we will need many craft nights with apple cider, sweet music and cedar boughs, cinnamon, and homemade tree trimmings.  Let the traditions begin.

I thought now would be a good time to share some of my Christmas favourites with you and yours just to make it completely clear that I am dorky to the bone.  Christmas music that makes my heart glad.

Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong


Rita MacNeil

Joyful Sounds A Seasonal Coll

Nana Mouskouri

Christmas With

Boney M

Christmas with Boney M

Loreena Mckennitt

Midwinter Night's Dream

Diana Krall

Christmas Songs

I can't forget the faithful crooners!

Christmas Crooners

Christmas Around the World

Christmas Around the World

Christmas Remix

Holiday Classics Remixed



P.S. Oh Gordon sing sweet songs to me.

P.P.S.  Goodness!  How my heart aches for more children and a cozy home surrounded by fields and forests.   For mornings filled with laughing and hot porridge with cinnamon and brown sugar.  It all makes my ovaries ache!


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