twenty nine



Annette:  I was up this morning before 7am, and could not help but want to drink in the fresh amber and pink morning light as it played across my livingroom! These antique perfume bottles seemed the perfect playmates for the brio of Sunday morning sunrise, and I took copious amounts of photos! The one I chose is not the best as far as composition, but it's how the morning felt to me and so I'd like to share it. It was all definitely the harbinger of a blissful Sunday for me, of spiritual enrichment, leftover Indian food, dance, Chopin and friends!

Erin: a rather unremarkable Sunday of grocery shopping and thrifting for Poppy's texture basket.  A massive diaper blowout with an overflowing cart of groceries left us racing through the store with a nearly naked baby to buy an emergency outfit we had failed to pack on this one fateful trip.  A baby girl enjoying her first practical joke with her new teeth {need I say more?}.  One of those Sundays that sum up all that is tedious about the realities of marriage and babies while at the same time reminding me just how lucky I am to have a partner to laugh with and sigh with and cry with.  So yes, an unremarkable and less than perfect Sunday, but it still counts {even though the photo is from Saturday}.

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  1. Posted November 30, 2009 at 8:55 pm by mamaloves | Permalink

    A texture basket? Sounds like fun. Please share more;)

  2. Posted December 1, 2009 at 10:20 pm by Annette | Permalink

    Oh, dear Erin, too bad we weren’t writing blurbs in the past for a few of my photos because I could have definitely related to some discouraging, blah Sundays, minus the baby teeth (owwwwch) and poop. Alas, it does not seem to be curbing your creativity because I am loving your etsy shop! Thanks for participating even though you felt crappy. I am committed to doing the same. I remember one time I was trying to get a shot of a broken window in an abandoned building on a really gray Sunday because that’s exactly how I felt. P.S. I TOTALLY want your shirt and I’m not kidding. I have some events for the weekend and am going to search my fave secondhand store for something similar because you look amazing and I want to emulate you! :)

  3. Posted December 2, 2009 at 9:14 am by shayne | Permalink

    I was reading your comment onsoul mama about raw milk and I agree, FDA is a joke. I grew up on raw milk but I am not sure if I would trust it if I were not the one washing the utters and milking the cow/goat and chilling it. However, I buy food at the store and I am sure that is so much worse. can’t wait to get back to a place where I have good friends that I can buy my meat from and milk and eggs and grow my foods and have a CSA share.

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