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The End.


I am certain that I will be closing the doors to the Apples for Poppy Anne blog shortly.

I have many reasons and perhaps if Typepad were not so expensive and tricky to use I would keep it in the wings for another day, but it is not easy nor is it cheap, so instead I will save the entries I have made and then delete my account.

I realize that I have become too edited and have painted myself into a corner in which I don't want to write anymore.  My dear friend Rae said a beautiful thing to me when I made the decision, so beautiful in fact that I must share:

"Write and create first and foremost for you…it is your gift to yourself. and ultimately, i think, to everyone else. your public voice has been a joy and a breath of sweet fresh air. but what matters most is that you keep letting your stories come out…and if public blogging is hindering that, then yes, let it go.
you are perfect and enough, whether another blog post is ever written or not.
just keep being erin – beautiful, creative, reflective, dreaming, questioning, honest, human, erin.
that's what the world really needs.
your voice will be heard through your living."

may gentle days lay ahead…


And so I have begun writing in a new and quiet space of my own…

This space is just for me.

A quiet place to record the most mundane events of my life.
A place where I can swear and spit and ache.
A place to be the dork that I am and celebrate the small triumphs.
A place without obligation or judgement.
A place where I don't have to be clever or interesting or crafty.
An unedited, often pretty, and sometimes ugly room of my very own.

Just me, my camera, my words, my experiences…

Just as I see them.

With a deep sigh of relief, I begin this new phase.

Before I leave, I would like to first share a new ritual from The Simple Woman's Daybook.  It is a wonderful way to make you think creatively about your day while also recording the tiny details of life.  I leave you with today's entry:

From my picture journal…I haven't taken a photo in nearly a month (something I hope to remedy soon), but luckily I have some pretty ones in the vault {pictured at the top of this post.}

Outside my window…snowflakes are swirling about as though we are living in a snowglobe. My heart aches either for spring or a perfect dumping of snow to keep Mike home.

I am thinking…about what I will sell at the Bobcaygeon Farmer's Market.  Yipee!

I am thankful for…Oh so many things! Poppy and the little acorn in my belly and Mike and the farmer's market and orange chocolates and being a stay at home mama and feeling better and a clean house and Poppy's new sleep pattern and and and…

I am wearing…tragically unflattering, but intensely comfortable gray jogging pants, a pink tank top and a gray cardigan.  No makeup, no shower.  Apparently, I'm bringing sexy back.

I am remembering…where I came from, what I am about, why I write, and what matters.

I am going…slightly mad with winter.

I am currently reading…er…re-reading Anne of Avonlea. Yum.

I am hoping…that everything will be ok.

On my mind…money, but I am working on that.

Noticing that…I feel better when I keep moving and doing

Pondering these words…"…be the neutral witness…when it rains the sky does not get wet…when the sun blazes the sky does not burst into flames…learn how to be the neutral witness…" via Blackbird Studio Blog.

From the kitchen…homemade orange cream chocolates that would give Laura Secord a run for her money and re-heated homemade lasagna.

Around the house…despite the Tinsel's best efforts, the house is pretty tidy.

One of my favorite things…just one!? Today it would have to be watching Poppy devour a pear.


P.S.  This letter inspires me beyond words and reminds me of the important things.

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thirty eight

Annette:  Freezing cold outside, warm Unitarian Universalist church and fireplace inside. Good people, wise words, and fair trade coffee. Total Sunday goodness.
Erin:  A much needed dinner with friends, but seriously, I am starting to bore myself.
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