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New Blog


After writing and deleting many a posts over the past few months, I finally feel ready to write again.

Spring always has her way of surprising me.  She re-awakens everything that lies dormant over the dark months of winter and tells me to start again.  I am emerging from the fog of my first trimester feeling much stronger and…new. 

I can't deny my need to write; a deep therapeutic need to share and connect with other women, both seeking, and actively living, their authentic lives.  I often feel a little secluded in my own world of ideals and beliefs while living in a typical, small, Ontario town and sometimes struggle to hold onto my convictions when everyone else is content living their convenient, mainstream lives.  This isn't meant to sound insulting or judgemental as everyone chooses their path and has differing needs.  To state it simply, our needs, wants, values, priorities and happiness lies in very different places than most people I meet on a day to day basis in the real world.

I have no agenda or schedule for this space.  It may be days or weeks between posts which may be long winded or simply pictures and scattered words.  Though the crunchy undertones will remain, I hope to be more casual about it.  I hope to have a beautiful vegetable garden to share, amazing thrifty finds to show off, and of course my uber-cute growing family to take pictures of.  I hope for spur of the moment picnics in the backyard and new adventures as a first time vendor at a local farmers' market.

I hope to let go of perfection and just document our days for the sheer fun of it.  I wanted Apples for Poppy Anne to be a place of honesty, and though I never lied, it quickly turned into a place that didn't honour the chaotic and exhausting moments of teaching myself while feeling alone, inadequate, and behind in so many ways.

So, if you would like to begin again with me, I will be writing here: {}.  I will be deleting this Typepad account within the next few days so you may want to make note of the new address sooner rather than later. 

go gently & be wonderful


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