Earth’s Best Sundays

I line my windowsill with earth’s best sundays
Wind chimes and clotheslines
Feathery blankets of fair snow
twinkle lights and wool mittens
Incense and candles
Consuming novels and delicious characters
Quiet rain and tea with honey
Howling, pounding winds and soft caresses
Pumpkin carved and apple spiced
Sew, stitch, and patch a quilt
I swaddle myself in Sundays


Back in May 2009 I began doing a little photo collaboration entitled “earth’s best sundays” based on the poem I wrote years earlier.  I collaborated with a dear distant friend in the spirit of  3191 miles.  It was lovely and created a wonderful connection, however,  life got busy and I got pregnant so it fell to the wayside.

I have decided to start sharing my Sundays {oftentimes steeped in Saturdays} in photographs again in hopes of recording the beauty in the details and our days while also giving myself a creative task.  If you care to join please do and leave a link in the comments if you wish.  If not, I hope you enjoy our best Sundays.

After all, aren’t Earth’s Best Sundays the ones we’re living now?


go gently + be wonderful


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