homemade sugar scrub

As I mentioned before, I am slowly working my way through our bathroom and cleaning cabinets for two main reasons; 1) to remove toxins from our house and 2) to save money.  I will be sharing the recipes that I have found to work best as well as any resources I have found helpful.  You can find my other recipes + tutorials here.   Today I will be sharing the homemade sugar scrub recipe just in time for those last minute Christmas gifts.  It is oh so luxurious and so simple not to mention good enough to eat.


1 cup demerara sugar

1/2 cup organic coconut oil {unrefined retains its delicious scent}

1) place the oil over very low heat in a medium size saucepan until melted

2) add sugar and mix and add either sugar or oil until it reaches the consistency you desire

3) pour into jar or container


Coconut oil is hard at room temperature, but melts at body temperature so I like to place mine in the bath water as it runs so it is easier to scoop out.

I use this on both body and face, but not everyday.  You know your skin best.

It leaves your skin delightfully soft and moisturized.

You could add honey to this as well for added sweetness and benefits.


You can purchase both ingredients at your grocery store or health food store either in the baking aisle or the organic/health aisle.

I just put mine in small mason jars, but you may want something less breakable when using in the slippery shower.

go gently + be wonderful


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  1. Posted December 15, 2011 at 3:14 pm by Brianna | Permalink

    Yay! Thank you for posting this, I am planning on making it for my favorite ladies! Have you tried it with the sunflower oil also?

    • Posted December 15, 2011 at 3:16 pm by erin | Permalink

      I haven’t as I love the smell of coconut too much, but I am sure you could do any combination keeping in mind the temp at which is solid and melty :)

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