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a summer morning

Our computer died weeks {or is it months now} ago and our internet has been dropping it like it’s hot of late.  Needless to say, blogging has been next to impossible and not so enjoyable.  But I do want to share our days with you so here are a few photos of our morning.

I marvelled at how tiny and sweet my two little ones looked creeping down the stairs this morning.

I took deep lung-fulls of their sleepy scent.

We visited the 14 new gold laced wyandotte chicks, and our two baby ducks (Anne + Gilbert} had a little swim.

We walked to the apple trees and counted the tiny apples that we will eat in the fall.

We checked the progress of the raspberries or blackberries {I don’t know how to tell until the berries form, but this might help}.  Whatever they are, they look promising which is great considering we got none last year.

We picked flowers.

We checked the garden and pulled up some radishes.

We laid on a blanket under the trees.

We had apple pancakes {my Gramma’s recipe} for lunch.

I washed the dishes and tried to remain mindful {Bin Iver helped…in fact, his music may change my life}

The house is {always} a mess, I am certain we will need to reupholster all our furniture after the kids are done having their way with it, and the kids are sometimes impossible, but we are surrounded by magic.

So much magic.

go gently + be wonderful



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thirty two

On Friday I turned 32.
To celebrate, I painted my nails bright pink
Ate cupcakes for breakfast.
Indulged in a black motorcycle bomber from h+m because it was everything I am not. And I love it.
I smudged smoke around my eyes and put care into my curls.
We wandered around Bobcaygeon and shared icecream with the kids.
Then I spent the evening in the VIP lounge for the Sarah McLachlin concert in Toronto.

I have adored her music since highschool and as I thought of all the things she has sang me through, she walked out onto the stage and I cried.   I couldn’t help but think about my youth and all the things I would have done had I been braver.  It all reminded me that I get to do this living ‘thing’ my way.  It has me thinking about the bravery I am capable of.  Needless to say, her crescendos touched long forgotten places and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra toook my breath away. So, instead of stifling the tears, I let them flow and pool in the hollow of my collarbone; and instead of sitting when those around me sat, I stood and cheered and hollared. I was surrounded by other strong women who were also crying and cheering, each for her own reason.

I spent my birthday (and the past few weeks) away from Facebook and it has been nice.  The truth is, I hate all those hundreds of empty birthday wishes that always roll in.  They make spending the day alone unbearable.  But this year was different.  I wasn’t lonely and I appreciated the very small handful of phone calls, emails, and cards that fluttered in.  It was the best birthday since I turned 19.  The final week of thirty one was cleansing and a bit exhausting. I was able to identify, put words to, and work through many of the emotions I have been wrestling with since I turned thirty.  It feels wonderful and light.

I will reunite with Facebook, but not because I miss it.  I don’t at all.  It was like when we shut off our cable; we thought we would die without it, but you just don’t.  You’re just a little out of the loop.  About 98% of the friendships are based soley on convenience and my assumptions that people only care about you when it is convenient to were well proven.  It is ok, I get it.  We’re all busy and Facebook lets us get to know and communicate with people we would otherwise never meet or chat with.  It is intimate and shallow all at once.  It is what it is and many great connections have been made through it.  It is an amazing tool of our generation and I choose to use it.

I seem to begin (or finish, depending on how you like to look at it) with some sort of list {thirtythirty one.}

This year I hope to:

embrace my strength
accept my weakness
paint my nails
take myself out of the box I’ve created
make time for quiet
wear fun shoes
make peace with my legs and post baby body
perhaps even wear a dress or two
make more things; big and small
remember the girl who likes to wear big earrings made of feathers and seashells
mix wine with my cider
learn to relax
stop apologizing for how messy our house is
let Poppy choose the colour more often
plant more flowers
get away
hug strangers and loved ones often
do it my own way
go gently + be wonderful
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fawned friday

01) There is just something I love about this photo…perhaps it is that it captured the exact moment of authentic joy

02) I can’t stop lusting after bags like these.

03) I want to hang more plants around the house with this perfectly retro trend.

04) This art installation has me thinking about the energy savings and space reclaimed by downsizing our fridge.

05) We are made of star stuff.  We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.  I have watched this before, but this time it blew my mind.

06) I would like to try making my own stamps.

07) The diptych perfected.  I could look at their photos all day long.


{fawned fridays inspired by miss fawn}

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five years ago today

{photos by my dear friend Diane Harrington}

T’was a Thursday

We gathered under the trees

I wore jeans

It was perfect.

go gently + be wonderful


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just a smattering

Excuse my absence from this space. 
Our computer died a few weeks ago so I have had little to no access to my photos.
I swear, if I wasn’t married to the IT guy, I wouldn’t even have one of these fickle creatures.
So just a smattering of photos, bits, and bobs, and a sincere hope to return to this space on a regular basis soon.
I am planning on a little Facebook detox.
Nothing dramatic or final.
A mere deactivation of my account.
Just to see how it feels.
I am sure I will be back (I always go back), but here’s hoping…
Just need to tie up some lose ends.
If you’d like to contact me, you can find me here, or my email info up in the right hand corner of this space.
Better yet, lets exchange letters or recipes snipped from magazines.
I hope to take the time I spend lolly-gagging on Facebook and finally answer some of those kind and heartfelt emails that frequent my inbox and haunt me in those last wee hours of the day. 
go gently + be wonderful
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oh snap, we made a table


I have been talking about this project for what seems like forever.  I loved our large round table that was given to us by my dad and step mom when we bought our first house.  It was large, round, and perfectly aged as it was from an old farmhouse.  It was perfect for our first house.  Many a deep discussion and good belly laughs were had around it.  Unfortunately, the dining space in our new house was just too narrow and plans were made to make our own.  So we have moved it into our pantry space where I will use it to let our carefully preserved jams and sauces set.

We had never made anything ourselves before moving to the cabin in the country, but we seem to have found our guts and glory in this new home of ours.  We are becoming who we are are here and it is good, really good.

We modified the plans we found here to make it a bit shorter, but we stuck with the original width.  The instructions were super easy to follow and I highly recommend her site.  We couldn’t scrounge up enough lumber around our house so we bought it from the local hardware store.  So, with the lumber, wood filler, screws, and stain we made this table for about $130 and completed the build on mother’s day weekend between taking care of the kids, a trip to Ikea, and other festivities.  I stained it tonight first using Minwax Wood Conditioner {I highly recommend using the conditioner as it makes for super simple and even stain application} and “Provincial” stain {I wanted “Driftwood”, but the local stores didn’t carry it} .  I would also like to try making our own, less toxic wood stains. I did two coats on the top and only one on the legs.  Next we will put a protective coat of varnish on to protect it from jam hands and grease monkeys.

I won’t lie, we feel pretty darn unstoppable now that we’ve built this table {a chicken coop, a compost bin, garden and yard fences and gates from found branches, a pine floor laid, board and baton in the bathroom, gardens, etc} together.  It was a perfect first timer’s venture into precise furniture building project and oh so fitting that we finished it so near our five year {wooden} anniversary.  It also goes pretty well with the kitchen cupboards I painted white just a couple days ago.  This house is feeling more and more mine every day.

Next we plan to make twin beds for the kids.

go gently + be wonderful




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