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in print!

A few days ago, I received my advance copy of Artful Blogging.  You see, the Feather + Anchor blog has been featured within its beauty-filled pages.  I must admit, I feel a bit out of my league mingling with all those pretty pictures and artful women, but honoured and excited nonetheless!  It is a big first for me to see my own words and photos in print (even if they did spell my name wrong).   So if you found your way to me through the magazine, I extend a warm welcome to you!

It is a bit funny that my article is about finding my balance with writing and motherhood.  Funny because I find myself digging my way out of the imbalance fog yet again.  Between the  great daycare adventure and the regular, everyday stuff, I have been feeling bogged down and unproductive.  Blogging has fallen to the bottom of the priority list and I miss it terribly.

That being said, we have begun waking early to exercise, eat, and sip coffee together in the silent mornings.  I used to hate mornings, but find myself making quick friends with the rising sun and setting my intentions for the day.  It is the only alone time my husband and I really get these days.

We are in an intense and overwhelming phase of our lives right now; raising two little ones, building our life and home in the country, struggling to pay the bills, keeping it all clean and together, wishing we could do more, carving out time for the couple we were before children.

This morning is foggy and grey after a night of much needed rain.  There are two crows swooping and soaring past my window.  My muscles are sore in the best sort of way.  One child is playing with a screwdriver while the other runs laps around the couch.  Yes, my very favourite sort of day; a day for warm tea, pages of Harry Potter, comfy jammies, and decadent movie watching {alright alright, if you must know, I will probably scrub the toilets as well}.


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