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eat, sleep, breathe

I have been spending all my spare time thinking about this photography business; creating logos and watermarks; brainstorming marketing ideas and unique offerings for clients; wrestling with pricing and offerings; and trying to organize some photo shoots.  I have one maternity and five family photo sessions in the next month or two which I am super excited about (if only the weather cooperates).  Come January, I will be offering introductory rate photo sessions.  If you’re in the Lindsay, Haliburton, Peterborough area and would like to book a session for the new year, please contact me at applesforpoppyanne{at}hotmail{dot}com.

You may notice things look a little different around here.  Yes, I have begun the job of making this more of a business website.  Mike and I are doing it all ourselves and our laptop crashed again which leaves ALL of my photos safely located on Carbonite’s servers (but not on our temp laptop).  When we get our photos back and as the portfolio grows, each gallery will be a slideshow portfolio for clients to peruse.  I will also be creating sample birth announcements and holiday cards to make available.

For now, I have removed the “Recipes + Tutorials” and “Archives” tab, but will be adding a link in the blog portion of the website.  Never fear!  The best deodorant recipe ever is not lost ;).

I am to the point where I am tired of feeling anxious and doubtful about this venture and ready to step forward with it.  For anyone who doesn’t know already, Danielle LaPorte is seriously inspiring.  She quiets the demons in my belly with her “truthbombs” and “Credo for Making it Happen” (found below).

(Oh and Mike, if you’re reading this, her book would be a great thing to find under the tree this year.  Just saying.)

go gently + be wonderful


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fawned friday

01) love this delightfully dirty photo.

02) Feast on your life.

03) Absolutley gorgeous.  Not to mention my favourite song from my favourite movie.

04) Oh.Em.Gee.  I need these words etched on my arm for all time.

05) I can always count on cat humour to make me giggle.  SeriouslyFunny.  Ok, I’ll stop after this one.

06) I’d like to be this girl in this dress in Paris for just one day.

07) What a beauty capture of a seemingly secret, stolen moment.

08) So this will be happening.

09) I must have one of these pretty robes.

10) Understated little pretty.


{fawned fridays inspired by miss fawn}


go gently + be wonderful


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feather + anchor photography

So, the secret is out, I have decided to start a wee photography business; slowly and organically of course.  It is not the first time I have considered something like this, it has been on the radar for sometime now.  I have been asked numerous times if I would be interested in taking family photos for friends, but have rarely said yes.  The truth is, it is the business plan that makes me feel most vulnerable.  I have backed away from that nervous pang in my belly whenever I thought about putting myself out there like that.  So, as a big fan of vulnerability for the greater good, I have decided that something that both enlivens and frightens me is something worth trying.  The only way to get past the unease is to step into and move through it.

I really am just a girl with a camera, but photography is something I have always loved.  Other crafts and hobbies come and go, but I always return to my camera, just as I always return to writing.  When I am doing anything; anything at all, I think about how I would frame it and how I would write it.   I guess that makes me a photographer and a writer,  if I may be so bold.  I have grown as both and don’t intend to ever stop developing new skills.

I was hoping that Dancing Rabbit Daycare would be fulfilling while also bringing in some extra money, but the truth is, I need to do something more creative and,well, adult.  I need to make pretty things.  I knew it in my gut, but thought it was worth a try.  It has been really wonderful for our kids and for my own personal growth, but it will be ending within the next couple of months and I have decided that my photography will be the next chapter in my quest for self- fulfillment while still being an attentive and focused stay at home mama.  It will allow for more flexibility so we can join our fellow homeschoolers in gatherings such as this.

I will spend the fall and winter months building a portfolio of sorts (with shoots such as this one with the kind folks of Bedrock + Brambles); playing and perfecting; acquiring necessary tools and basic props; and creating secure and crisp online galleries (I apologize for the lack of crispness in the current photos and galleries).  I will also be tweaking (not switching) the current website, creating a price list, and defining my style and offerings in the process.  Come spring I will be ready and prepared to take it all on.

I will be offering candid and casual  family, children, maternity, newborn, and pet portraits paired with natural light and beautiful scenery or backgrounds.  I would also be interested in doing product shots of art and  handmade items and photos for small businesses, from farms to jewelry, for online promotion.  I have plans to create a simple and small in-home studio useful for newborn sessions as well as pet portraits and product photography,etc.  I also love the idea of shooting on location and capturing the artist, family,  farmer, or pet at work and play in their own element.

I would love to hear from you.  Have you had a positive/negative experience with a family photographer?  What made it great or not so great.  What do you do with your family and pet portraits?  Do you print them?  Give them as gifts?  Would birth announcements, canvases, over sized prints, and other specialty offers be of interest to you?  Have you ever thought of having professional photos taken for your small business or farm promotion?

Feel free to leave a comment here or email me at with your thoughts or if you are interested in your own photo session.

go gently + be wonderful


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earth’s best sundays steeped in saturday

 a new pup

a bucket full of potatoes


perfect fall colours

fire + coffee

cool wind

grey skies

wagon rides

good food

pumpkin pie

a walk in the woods

preparing myself for a new photography venture {more on that when I am ready}

go gently + be wonderful


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