My daily photos have been a bit dark and moody of late so today I thought I would search for a bit of light…they are still a bit moody though, no?

I spent the morning emptying jars, dishes, and piggy banks full of change and sorting it into bags with the kids.  They enjoyed seeing it all in a great mound on our coffee table.  We have been robbing from and adding to these various containers for years now, but never had the gumption to actually sort the small stuff, but boy am I ever glad I did!  So far the tally is $226.75, one washer, three buttons, 3 beads, one pretty silver ball, 2 screws, one nail, three pieces of sea glass, one earring, one butterfly hair clip, one guardian angel medallion, two staples, and one broken gold plated chain.  I am most excited about the $226.75, the pretty silver ball and the sea glass.  I have not even begun counting the bag of nickels nor the 2 bags of pennies.

Today I learned that nickels and dimes can work for you just as easily as they can work against you.  We don’t often have bigger clumps of money like this in our hands so I see something rather frivolous in our near future, and I can’t help feeling a touch guilty for it.

Supper is made, a new batch of sprouts have been started, the kids are happily playing, we found another egg in the nesting box, I unplugged the toilet that had been plugged for two days (I am a master of such things so when I can’t get it in two flushes we start to worry about what has found its way into it, especially now that the kids have constant access to the bathroom), it is ever so gently snowing, the dogs and cats are sleeping, the fire is burning, the walls are painted, and I found $226.75 in our…couch cushions, if you will.

All that and we still have two hours to spend before Mike gets home.  I think Paris is calling my name.

How has your day been?

go gently + be wonderful


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  1. Posted January 15, 2013 at 10:44 pm by Ana | Permalink

    Just catching up. Lovely photos.

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