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I am quite certain I will fail miserably at keeping up with this portrait a week project from the blog Che and Fidel, but I figure it is worth a shot.  I would be fairly impressed if I were able to do it once every two weeks or once per month, but we shall see how it goes.  Besides it would be great Christmas Book fodder…

Miss Poppy

  • When anyone tells you you’re pretty or cute you reply rather confidently and matter of factly “YES, I am.”
  • You have had potty training  mastered since about one week after beginning on December 17th.  You don’t have to be reminded at all (though mama does bug a bit when we’re out and about just in case you get caught up in playing).  You are so proud of yourself and beam at us.  One night around New Years you were sitting on the toilet with the door open and hollered out “keep the change ya filthy animal!”.
  • Your hair is incorrigible.  There is no other word for it.  We are growing it a bit in hopes of being able to tie it up or even braid it, but it only seems to want to grow forward onto your wee little face.  We should have it under control by the time you’re 17 😉
  • You love all fruit, but will not touch vegetables so I have been sneaking cauliflower and turnip into your mac and cheese and spinach into your cookies and lasagna.  It works marvelously.
  • You love drawing pictures of people and the planets and solar system.  Anywhere you see a circle (the circles you were supposed to trace in a workbook) or two dots (the screws in the little chair you sit in at your art table) you tend to finish it off by making it into a person.   You are completely engrossed in your art for long periods of time.
  • You love playing with dough and pastry and always ask to help me in the kitchen.
  • You like sleeping in your own room with the pink walls and vintage Strawberry Shortcake sheets. .
  • You still ask if we can go “pickle treating” (trick or treating) again.
  • I hope you never stop calling a bathing suit as “baby soup”
  • You are a loving little thing with an even temper.  You may look like me, but you are more and more like your daddy in many ways.  Adaptable, easy going, and generous.
  • We have yet to see anything “terrible” (twos or otherwise) from you.
  • The other night you went to sleep with a plastic saw.
  • You love looking at your nursery rhyme books and LOVE the picture of Hansel and Gretel and the “candy house”
  • You recently discovered the joy of lego and like to build lighthouses (with ghosts), castles, and cities.
  • You love your animals and protect them always.  You carry Smitty (our ever-tolerant cat) around like a little baby, putting him under blankets when you think he’d like to sleep, carry him to his food or water dish when you think he is hungry or thirsty and protect him from the giant oaf,  Huck.  “He’s like a little baby, Mommy”
  • When you fall or trip or cough, you yell out to us “I’m ok!” before we have time to ask.
  • You know all your numbers and alphabet and colours and animals.  You are beginning to be interested in knowing what words start with what letters and can recognize familiar words like Poppy, Silas, Mama, and Daddy.
  • You can count up to ten items accurately.
  • You are starting to practice writing your name and do the p’s and o’s quite well which is pretty good considering those two letters make up most of your name.
  • Last week when you were both sick with a fierce cold, you snuggled up with your head on my lap and as I stroked your hair, you looked up at me and murmured “I’m like a little kitty.” and then fell asleep.
  • In a couple of pictures above, we had gone outside for a little romp in the fresh snow.  While Silas climbed up into the trailer and into the scrap lumber pile with its rusty nails, you laid down in the snow and just closed your eyes and stayed there until the dogs put their cold noses on your face.  You were so still and peaceful like that.  You take a lot of quiet moments like this where you seem to be contemplating big things or perhaps nothing at all.
  • You are quite excited about your birthday and so far, you’d like chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate ice cream.  Also you have requested strawberry juice, popsicles, and lasagna.  When we ask if you’d like any toys, you tells us you would like for everyone to come and eat cake.
  • We can hardly believe you will be four in a few short weeks!
Mr Silas
  • You are one fierce little boy.
  • You are strong willed and have taken to throwing down almost constantly.
  • It is exhausting, but you do make up for it with hilarious  antics and loving gestures.
  • The first words out of your mouth in the mornings these days are “Where’s Poppy?” and “I wanna watch Eggo (Diego).”
  • We don’t love Diego, but you seem to be fascinated with the animals on the show and retain the facts with ease.
  • We thought, since Poppy started going on the potty, that you might be inspired to as well, but you refuse just as your sister did.  After seeing how effortless it was for Poppy, we are much more relaxed about it all.  When you’re ready.
  • You have no interest in drawing or painting or even playing with play dough, but you do enjoy playing with your animals and cars and doll house.
  • You tend to enjoy books without words and  prefer looking at pictures.
  • You do like it when I read aloud from my own grownup book though.
  • Your vocabulary is and always has been ridiculously advanced.  You speak in quite full and proper sentences though you have no interest in learning your letters and numbers.
  • You know your colours and like attempting to count things
  • You love pretending.  You roll up paper and use a flashlight to look for “Rosie” and use pretend cameras and binoculars often.
  • You enjoy wearing an apron and making food in your play kitchen with Poppy;  soups, pies, toast, and stirring sugar, milk and flour endlessly.
  • For the last two nights you’ve gone to sleep grasping a mini whisk and stirring spoon.
  • The other day, I asked you the rhetorical question “Could you be any cuter?!  I don’t think it is possible.”  You put your hands on my cheeks and said “Yes Mommy, it is a popsicle!”
  • You continue to remind me of Grampa Ellenberger when you make your mischievous face.
  • On Friday, as I began getting supper ready, you came into the kitchen asked up.  We were both crusted with the day’s snot and grime and oh so tired of doing not much of anything for days.  You put your head on my shoulder, patted my back, and in a congested, raspy voice said “I love you Mommy.”  I can’t be totally sure, but I am quite sure that is the first spontaneous “I love you” you has ever said.  I softened and the whole week melted away as I squeezed you tighter and said “I love you more”.  you barely hesitated before saying “I love you most”.  See, I said you make up for your tantrums with loving things.
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  1. Posted January 30, 2013 at 9:10 am by Lisa | Permalink

    This is so simply beautiful, Erin…
    Warms my heart completely…

  2. Posted January 30, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Melissa hansen | Permalink

    So sweet. Tearing :-).

  3. Posted January 30, 2013 at 2:11 pm by Miet | Permalink

    Beautiful! I love the “popsicle” memory :-)

  4. Posted January 30, 2013 at 2:35 pm by Kim | Permalink


  5. Posted January 31, 2013 at 10:33 pm by Kate | Permalink

    Your two are so close to my oldest two in age and personality. I love how you’ve captured them here to remember the sweetest, dearest bits. They are charming.

  6. Posted January 31, 2013 at 10:57 pm by KC | Permalink

    This is so fantastic. You will so love having this post 20 years from now!

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