fawned friday on a thursday


01)  LOVE this creative birth announcement idea.

02) Unfortunately the “Pretty Purse” category is non-existent in our budget, but oh, if it did exist!

03) I didn’t know these were a thing, but I am so glad they are!

04) A great video of a few local friends (here too).  Inspiring stuff.

05) Welcome to my brain in the grocery store and all the time really…

06) I’d really like a pair of these red sweethearts.

07) This is adorable not to mention maternity/nursing friendly and Canadian.

08) Due to my aversion to maternity pants, it has become apparent that I will be needing more fisherman pants to get me through the summer…and beyond.  Everyone should own at least 2 pairs, no exceptions.

09) There is nothing more refreshing than the lemonade they make at a summer fair.  On the summer to-do list.

10) Perhaps we should do this until our claw foot moves into my bathroom.


go gently + be wonderful


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  1. Posted May 28, 2013 at 8:54 am by Anne | Permalink

    I hear you on #5! Everytime I go shopping, is it organic? Is it local? GMO, wheat free, soy free? (my daughter has allergies to the last two) Holymoly…the price!!! Can’t wait for the farmers markets to open in our neck of the woods…. Just a couple more weeks :)

    Oh and love love love #6!! The childrens store I work at just started carrying them! Wonder if I can convince my boss to order a mama size pair? LOL

    Erin, I’m so happy you are writting again. We have missed you :)

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