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I love watching these two interact.

They both have incredibly strong personalities, but in very different ways.  Silas tweaks if we try to put the wrong shirt on him and Poppy tweaks because he won’t put his shirt on.

When playing he often lets her run the story line and when he strays from that, she will correct him loudly.  His reply is usually “okay, okay, fine, fine.”

They’ve always loved to wrestle roughly with each other, but neither will tolerate the other hurting them out of anger or bossiness.  It is a relatively new challenge for us to deal with as they try to enforce their own rules and have things run their own way.  I try to let them resolves conflicts between themselves, but have been stepping in as the slapping, pinching, pushing, and scratching begins.

They declare in one heart-wrenching moment that they are mad at the other or that the other is bad, but are playing happily again within minutes.

The other morning they re-enacted the midnight dance scene from Cinderella.  Poppy was dressed in her tutu and Silas was wearing a blue play silk as a cape.  They danced in a circle holding hands…

Silas: Gasp!  The clock!
Poppy:  Oh no!  I have to go! (runs away)
Silas:  Wait!  I never got your name!
Poppy:  Oh!  I dropped my shoe.
Silas: Here, I put it on for you (helps her put an imaginary shoe on)
*Silas then took creative liberties and declared himself to now be Superman and he wanted to kiss Cinderella*
Cinderella and Superman kiss then smile smugly at each other then at me
Annnnnnd scene!

I may be biased, but I thought it was brilliant.

Silas calls granola bars “granilla bars” and still calls toots burps.

Last night we went to the beach and you’re both a little braver this year…more so with the life jackets and bathing suits off.  It must feel more natural that way.  We’d like to find some swimming lessons for you both though it is proving a little tricky and spendy!

In the winter, I have a hard time keeping clothes on you, but on the most humid of days or nights you are both asking for sweaters, demanding socks and slippers, and donning fleece jammies.  It makes me sweaty just thinking about it.

Poppy has a rather intense fear of buzzing sounds and fans.  Like when a battery operated toy is dying and makes funny sounds it sends her into hysterics.  Also the hand dryers in public washrooms.  Or when Silas sticks a flexible straw into the floor fan because he likes the clicking sound it makes.  I makes her mental.

Silas’ fear of roosters has increased since we got rid of our rooster.  Poppy was attacked mildly and only once, but when she knows Silas is upset because the chickens (the laying hens are delightful and would never hurt him, but he thinks all chickens are evil now) are coming too near, Poppy will run wildly at them screaming “don’t hurt my brother!”.  He is slowly learning to trust again.

Both kids become very concerned when they see me cry or when I hurt myself.  They touch me softly and quietly say “Don’t cry Mommy.”  “You ok Mommy?”.  The look on their faces is heart warming.

Last night Silas slammed his head into my belly and caused a charlie horse-like pain.  He said a heartfelt sorry and then again a few minutes later, came and rubbed my leg and put his head down on it and said Hi Mommy, I’m sorry I hurt you Mommy.”

Mike started a little good night game with Poppy that always starts with him saying “goodnight olives” and Poppy replies “goodnight pickles”.  It goes on like this and the two nouns are usually connected, but different somehow.  Silas likes to play too, but in a more random fashion.  It is a sweet little ritual.

Poppy loves meat.  For some reason, this surprises me because she has been such a stubborn eater for so long.  She will gobble up sausage, kielbasa, tuna, meat sticks, etc.  Though you won’t eat my homemade burgers.

I think we have the only two children who won’t eat McDonald’s food (yes, we sometimes eat at McDonald’s, and yes, I realize this is a good thing that they don’t like it.)  You will eat the yogurt, drink the milk, play with the toy, and love the play place, but you refuse to touch the fries, nuggets, sandwiches, or even the apples (I agree, they taste funny, and never turn brown.  Not right)

We can’t keep enough fruit and yogurt in the house.  by the time we have groceries unpacked and put away, you have both devoured at least one full container of berries and still want more.

You both still refuse to eat veggies though Silas had a few days where he ate a few carrots and one cucumber slice.  It was a big win.

Poppy has started making names up for her dolls, and random animals she sees.  The most memorable was “wandercrisp” , the dog in the car beside ours, and Harpress, the baby doll she just got.  Silas named his robot “TaTa”.

Poppy loves painting and drawing while Silas has almost zero interest in it.

Silas still has no interest in potty training.  I was hoping we would be through that by the time baby arrived, but it doesn’t look like that will be the case.

Silas has become slightly more interested in letters and knows a handful now.  He also loves lining things up and counting them.

You both play quite easily with other children and adults.

Poppy, you hug nearly everyone you meet whether they ask for one or not.

Silas enjoys laying on the floor with either Soma or Huck while he quietly rubs their “eyebrows” or paws.  The dogs tolerate him well and he has been know to fall asleep while doing this.  You’re not always gentle though and have bitten (yes, bitten) Huck on the face making him yelp, but he is incredibly tolerant of you and has never so much as growled at your antics.  We are trying to get you to be gentle all the time.

Poppy likes cereal with milk for breakfast and snacks, and always drinks the milk from the bowl.

Poppy hates having her hair washed, brushed or styled and refuses to leave anything that controls her curls in for more than 5 minutes.

You have both given yourselves your own haircuts.  Not devastating or hilarious, but enough for me to remove all craft scissors from your reach.

You both love playing rowdy games of chase, hide, pounce, wrestle and tickle with Daddy.  He really is good at it.

We took you to your first movie in the Kinmount Theater to see Epic on our wedding anniversary.  You both loved it.  Since then we went to see Despicable Me 2 in the giant theater in Peterborough.  The purple monster minions scared Poppy, but not too badly.

Silas has been carrying around Mike’s book “The Mindful Carnivore” for a day now and looks rather smart as he pretends to read from it.

Silas likes to have his nails painted when Poppy and I do it.  He wears Poppy’s old pink rubber boots and claims they are his Spiderman boots.  He loves Strawberry Shortcake as much as he loves Spiderman.  Poppy loves pink and princesses.  Silas goes for the tractor and Poppy goes for the horses when we visit Nana and Grampa’s farm.  Gender stereotypes are a pet peeve of mine, but it is funny to watch them maneuver through them in their own way…crossing some and living up to many.  Interesting.

And just because we were overdue and all of this makes for great fodder for the annual Poppy, Silas, Baby Girl Christmas Book for the grandparents, I made another one of these for each of them.

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