the first day of homeschool

I would have to say that our first official day of homeschool was a great success.  Mike took the day off in advance as we wanted to do something special to kick it off.  As it turned out, our local homeschool group began organizing a field trip to a local farm for a little tour and pizza lunch.  It sounded perfect.

Though this is the year that Poppy would be starting kindergarten, it sort of felt like Silas’ first day as well.  And the beauty of homeschooling is that he will be just as involved as he is ready to be.  The morning was a perfectly cool and overcast.  They donned their new-ish clothes and mostly empty backpacks  for their traditional first day of school pictures as Mike and I pondered just how grown up they are both looking these days.

Then we were off to meet the other families at Magnificent Hill Farm.  We were happy to see a large gathering of both familiar and new faces there.  We started with a tour of the grounds and gardens which included, veggies, fruits, mushrooms, bees, rabbits, frogs, and turtle eggs.  We then crossed the road and picked apples for the goats and cows and visited the chickens, geese and pigs.  We captured a “class” photo in front of the sign and moved to the outdoor kitchen for tea, coffee, and juice while the kids headed into the gardens to harvest fresh food for the meal.

They made the best tasting pizzas in their outdoor kitchen and pizza oven as we all wondered why on Earth we didn’t also have an outdoor pizza oven.  The kids played, rolled, chased, laughed, asked questions, helped, and gobbled their fair share of pizza while the parents chatted about their plans for the year.

We were happy to see our kids, full of confidence, as they moved to the front to get a better view of things, play with the kids, and taste the things they were offered from the garden.  It warmed my heart when Poppy found a dandelion and made sure to find Silas to share it with.  They really do love each other wildly and it makes me so glad to know they will be together on this journey.

I won’t lie, when the day started, Poppy was determined that she would be going on a yellow school bus and to regular school (her only experience with school in The Magic School Bus), but on the car ride home she decided that our car and homeschool was her preference.

The next day, we traveled to meet with the surgeon who will be doing my c-section and we found out that our little family will officially grow to 5 on September 26th.  Despite the nearly two hour wait, the kids played with the toys and each other happily the entire time and the receptionist commented on just how wonderful they were to be so patient.

This morning, it seemed fitting to focus on the letter A as we headed out in the early morning to pick apples.  Our kitchen is scented with apples and cinnamon as they dry in the dehydrator, stew on the stove for applesauce, and beg me to make an apple crisp.

Yes.  Our wee little homeschool smells mighty divine today.

This feels right and good.

go gently + be wonderful


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  1. Posted September 5, 2013 at 5:09 pm by KC | Permalink

    Yeah, sounds like a lovely start to the year.

    On tuesday we met up for the first time with our homeschool group and it was great fun. We made a lot of new friends. It made me hopeful that I made the right choice for us.

  2. Posted September 5, 2013 at 6:54 pm by Lynnette | Permalink

    seriously, your black and white images are stunning! I love them.

  3. Posted September 5, 2013 at 7:11 pm by Laura Jeanne | Permalink

    What a lovely post. And Magnificent Hill sounds, well, magnificent. 😛 Awesome first day of school! We had a picnic with other homeschoolers on our first day, but a farm field trip would have been even cooler.

  4. Posted September 6, 2013 at 7:44 am by Amberlea | Permalink

    They really are looking so grown up, my oh my!! And does Poppy’s outfit come in adult sizes? She is stylin’!! So glad to hear the first day of homeschool was such a success! And so excited for Sept 26!!! xoxoxoxo, a.

  5. Posted September 6, 2013 at 8:22 am by Stephanie K. | Permalink


  6. Posted September 6, 2013 at 1:30 pm by laura | Permalink

    love love love this post.
    On a crispy fall day as I sit behind my desk in an office in downtown toronto I yearn for the experiences you are sharing with your family. I can almost smell the apples of your kitchen and the sounds of fall winds through the trees around you cabin…sigh. I hope your birth goes smoothly and the good grace you are all experiencing continues! Thanks for taking the time to do the blog, xo.

    • Posted September 10, 2013 at 8:00 am by erin | Permalink

      Thank YOU for taking the time to read and write :)
      I wish I could bottle the scent and send you some 😉

  7. Posted September 7, 2013 at 8:49 am by Heidi | Permalink

    This is incredible! We lived in Eagle Lake until 2009 and part of the reason we moved was because it felt isolating with two young children and I felt somewhat alone on the parenting path we were on – I’m so happy to see a thriving community now! Almost makes me sad I left, but I do adore Peterborough. 😉

    • Posted September 10, 2013 at 7:58 am by erin | Permalink

      I am rather shocked at the community here too! I think it is relatively new though :)
      We LOVE Peterborough.

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