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fawned friday

01)  three dancing rabbits.

02)  the dental hygienist in me adores this little pillow.

03)  love.

04)  i need to make this.

05)  will be doing this with kids.

06)  need to replicate this wall.

07)  awesome gift ideas made and sold here.

08)  happy to report I am currently rocking the 1953 shade on my nails.

09)  having a little love affair with all things ruby red and the like these days.

10)  everyone should own a jack knife.  this one should be mine.  there is also this pretty one.

11)  i would.

12)  everything about this picture.

13)  and this one.

14)  a wee bit crunchy, but mostly crass.  she is like me, but way funnier.

15)  one of my favourite childhood Christmas songs.

16)  i would like to make this for delicious Chirstmas gifts.  Now where would one find freeze dried fruit in Canada?


ok.  i’m done.

go gently + be wonderful


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