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New Blog

  After writing and deleting many a posts over the past few months, I finally feel ready to write again. Spring always has her way of surprising me.  She re-awakens everything that lies dormant over the dark months of winter and tells me to start again.  I am emerging from the fog of my first […]

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The End.

I am certain that I will be closing the doors to the Apples for Poppy Anne blog shortly. I have many reasons and perhaps if Typepad were not so expensive and tricky to use I would keep it in the wings for another day, but it is not easy nor is it cheap, so instead I […]

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thirty eight

Annette:  Freezing cold outside, warm Unitarian Universalist church and fireplace inside. Good people, wise words, and fair trade coffee. Total Sunday goodness.   Erin:  A much needed dinner with friends, but seriously, I am starting to bore myself.

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thirty seven and a thank you

  Annette:  My super-talented husband and his friend were among the artists in our locale who were awarded grants for their genius last night at a super cool ceremony! I, of course, was the beaming photographer, taking loads of photos of everyone and being thrilled for the impressive array of artists and cultural magnificence happening around […]

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I can’t sugar-coat it all…

My heart aches for warmer days and an old house with far away neighbours.  Wide plank floors and a wooden screen door off the kitchen.  A big wrap around porch perfect for iced tea and late night chats.  Tall trees perfect for naps in hammocks and summer picnics.  A pond and an old wooden rowboat. Pregnancy […]

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thirty six

annette::erin   Annette:  Sunday plans were thwarted by nasty weather yesterday. There were only a few intrepid commuters at a lovely class I took yesterday and a sacred dance event was cancelled. Cancelled plans meant impromtu (and generous) supper at A and J's house where I met this fantastic cat, a former stray like many of […]

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Just keeping it real…

{photo taken in summer of 2007} It has been many months, if not years, since I felt beautiful, feminine, or truly special. I seem to go into a low grade sort of depression when pregnant in which I am disenchanted with the world. I have the temper of three redheads combined. The morning  all-day sickness that haunted […]

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thirty five

annette::erin annette:  An homage to the photo I was going to take on Sunday, but was taking an afternoon walk for exercise and didn't have the camera when the inspiration struck! I live by this Italian deli- and if you have not experienced an authentic Italian deli, you can't imagine the smells, the barbed banter, the music, the fare, […]

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We’re Pregnant!

We're pregnant.  Yup, we waste no time here in the house Ellenberger-March and this family love is about to get bigger {though I can't imagine more love bursting from this heart, I know it will amaze me} There really is no poetic way of dropping news such as this after saying nearly nothing for weeks on […]

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thirty four

 annette::erin Annette:  Quiet and a smoldering friend-grown and dried lavender wand before the altar. What is more marvelous than the potential and ripeness of a new year, another fresh plot of life to cultivate! May there be love, blessings, laughter, creativity, fullfillment, abundance, growth and crazy unfettered joy in 2010! Erin:  No words, just a picture that says a thousand.

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