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house of dreams

  I would like to talk about our future plans, though I am not sure I should. I firmly believe that dreaming is just another form of doing; of manifesting. And I have never been one to keep things quiet.   We have no idea when we will be moving to our new home.   […]

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a love letter

    A blanket of snow has begun to fall.   A good, sweet snow that comes quietly.   It is on days such as this, that I fall more deeply in love with this cabin. With all her faults and crooked joints, she holds us safely in her embrace. Scented with wood smoke and […]

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back at it

I am back. What’s new, you ask? Well, let me see…. Our little cabin is for sale. We’re moving to a run down, but lovable farmhouse just a hop, skip and a jump away from my dad and step mom’s farm. More on that later, I promise. I made the leap and deleted 340+ friends […]

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this + that + then-some

    It’s official.   We will be taking a family road trip to Newfoundland (and, may I just say, they killed it with their amazing tourism videos) in the beginning of September. It’s been 9 years. Silas is thrilled that we will be spending his birthday in a yurt by the ocean. I am thrilled […]

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earth’s best sundays | birthday edition

34 trips around the sun. More sun warmed berries. Homemade ice cream cake. A couple of my favourite meals. A handful of wildflowers picked by my loves. A pretty little pottered mug. A walk through the pasture and along fence rows. Feeling a little like Anne Shirley dreaming about the possibilities. Kid playing in the […]

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earth’s best sundays + weekending

We had a good full weekend.   We took the kids to see How To Train Your Dragon 2. We all loved it. We came home Friday evening to find that our 5 chickens had ALL been taken during the day by some mysterious predator. I always feel like we failed them when one gets […]

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you were wild once

  Within my rib cage, there lives a bear. And a wolf. And a bird beating her wings.   Sometimes I find myself barely breathing; Aching to know what it is to run again; Lithe and wild through the night as the wolves do. Noiseless. through the trees.   To remember again what it felt […]

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feeling good

2|100 awake at 2am to hear the hungry screech of the Great Horned Owl in the tree outside our bedroom window coffee sitting under the apple tree these kids my poppy girl picking me a lilac and a stalk of rhubarb our whole bedroom scented with yesterday’s lilacs spontaneous hugs from my wee boy afternoon […]

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#100HappyDays – Day One

    Lilacs A sweet breeze Good rain A freshly mowed lawn Watching two pretty hipster girls help a turtle cross the road in front of our house Homemade pizza   There are so many things. Too many things.   All pulling at us Demanding our time Our admiration  Weighing us down Distracting us from […]

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3 of 12

Poppy You’ve started to take it upon yourself to pick out your clothes for the day and proudly prancing downstairs to show us your choice of attire.  It is often on backwards, but the colours almost always coordinate. You are going through a rather new phase as you become more a girl than a baby. […]

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