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little bird turns five + two of twelve

      This weekend we celebrated Poppy’s 5th birthday. Excuse the cliche, but my, oh my, where has the time gone? On Valentine’s Day we went to watch the Lego Movie and pick up your requested birthday present; a Princess Anna dress.  On your birthday, we had planned to go for a play at […]

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earth’s best sundays

The kids love visiting the farm. While Grampa and Nana did chores Poppy and Silas ran around the barn wildly exclaiming “This is a happy place!!!” over and over again. It was Dad’s birthday on Thursday. We were going through old photos when Silas saw one of me when I was about 6.  He brought […]

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project 12

Last year, I attempted project 52, but failed miserably when the nausea hit.  This year I thought I’d like to try again but for monthly records rather than weekly. Why?  Because, even when you think you’ll remember the daily sweetness forever, you forget.  I thought I might even include a section for tidbits of my […]

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soul fever

To be honest, I don’t know where to begin. Life is good. That seems as good a place as any. We are blessed in so many ways.  I am blessed with a wide eyed, smiley babe who warms my heart and smells ever so sweetly, a fiercely brilliant little boy who doesn’t miss a beat […]

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fawned friday

01)  three dancing rabbits. 02)  the dental hygienist in me adores this little pillow. 03)  love. 04)  i need to make this. 05)  will be doing this with kids. 06)  need to replicate this wall. 07)  awesome gift ideas made and sold here. 08)  happy to report I am currently rocking the 1953 shade on […]

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hello + welcome little one

Some of you may or may not recall that I was pregnant. I was scheduled for my third c-section on Thursday September, 26th. Little Miss Clementine had other plans. I awoke at 5:30 am on Tuesday September, 24th with stronger than normal contractions and they were coming irregularly, but around every 15 to 20 minutes. […]

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hereness & thereness by Amberlea Williams

First of all, a huge thank you to Erin for featuring me in this space. Erin and I have been friends and neighbours-in-our-minds for a long time, and reading her blog always grounds me and resonates with me; I am continually inspired by her soul-baring honesty.  September has always been a time of change, renewal, […]

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fawned friday

01)  the words mike has been searching for to describe me in all our years together. 02)  this is one of the most delightful things I’ve ever seen. 03)  trying to come up with pretty and functional ways to keep our indoor firewood. 04)  i keep meaning to do this! 05)  beautiful image.  wonderful caption. […]

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the first day of homeschool

I would have to say that our first official day of homeschool was a great success.  Mike took the day off in advance as we wanted to do something special to kick it off.  As it turned out, our local homeschool group began organizing a field trip to a local farm for a little tour […]

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celebrating our boy

On Sunday we celebrated the day, three years ago, that this wickedly handsome, crazy smart, fiercely intense, wildly imaginative, first class snuggler of a  little boy joined our family. The day before the four of us went to the movies for some popcorn, Planes and lunch out.  The day of was a simple one with […]

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