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earth’s best sundays | birthday edition

34 trips around the sun.

More sun warmed berries.

Homemade ice cream cake.

A couple of my favourite meals.

A handful of wildflowers picked by my loves.

A pretty little pottered mug.

A walk through the pasture and along fence rows.

Feeling a little like Anne Shirley dreaming about the possibilities.

Kid playing in the old claw foot tub.

Oh my.

It was another nice one.

go gently + be wonderful


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feeling good


awake at 2am to hear the hungry screech of the Great Horned Owl in the tree outside our bedroom window


sitting under the apple tree

these kids

my poppy girl picking me a lilac and a stalk of rhubarb

our whole bedroom scented with yesterday’s lilacs

spontaneous hugs from my wee boy

afternoon coffee

a good strong breeze keeping the bugs at bay

oh my

so many things

this is going to be a good project


a husband who let me sleep an extra 45 minutes after another restless night with Clemmie

a little girl who seems to be feeling a touch better

taking steps to break the facebook habit

feeling empowered by that decision

maps of the world, moon, and solar system

meal planning with a sleeping babe on my back and an afternoon coffee

watching this sweet girl bat her ball and the dog dishes around the kitchen like a kitten

old time jazz streaming

poppy’s adoration and silas’ intensity

pay day

baby gates


making caramel popcorn with the kids at 9am

being at a stage where cooking with kids is enjoyable and full of learning and laughing

two loaves of banana chocolate chip bread

finding paneer at our grocery store

orange is the new black

a pantry and fridge full of good ingredients

feeling light without facebook




spontaneous trip to haliburton

watching the kids play, fully clothed, in the lake

ice cream treats

silas fishing with his homemade fishing rod in the fountain

it feels an awful lot like summer


a challenging day, but…

more purging and tidying

laundry on the line


all three babes giggling under the blanket parachute

a tidy upstairs

the kids showing interest and progress in reading and writing

a working lawn mower


poppies, peonies, and irises getting ready to show their pretty faces

raspberry promises


hearing the crow swearing at a most brazen little fox lingering at our chicken coop this morning

(i may make a terrible farmer, but i do love foxes)

sitting on quilts under the trees

reading three whole pages of my book

fire flies exist

kitchen sink baths after a messy, spinachy lunch

the waterlogue app

wild strawberries and buttercups

windows and doors wide open and a heavenly breeze

silas ate spinach knowingly

saving the dragonflies from the inside windows with the kids

poppy’s drawings and silas’ stories

homemade lo mein

Letting go of Facebook feels right for me.
I miss aspects of it.
Mostly being able to spurt out tiny sound bites when the mood strikes.
And the commiseration of other mothers.
And the good people.
But the thing with facebook is that you can’t separate the wheat from the chaff.
I don’t miss the anxiety that bubbles up when people post about important, but overwhelming topics.
Secondary drowning
Car seat deaths
Climate change
The danger of television and smart phones
You know, imminent doom and the like.
Like I said, the point of the unplugging wasn’t to leave the internet completely, but to use it more wisely.
#100happydays has been helping with that too.
It forces me to break the habit of ungratefulness.
Our days are still filled with frustrations and annoyances,
but they are also never lacking in something to be happy about.
I feel like spending some time in this space again.
I feel creativity just beginning to bubble up again.
I feel good and light and empowered by having and doing and refreshing a little less.
I feel like I am finding my way back to center.
And that feels good.
Come follow me on Instagram, friends.
go gently + be wonderful
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