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twenty + earth’s best sundays

Our Sunday began in the darkness as it always does these days.  We wake to a cold house, Mike rises and starts the fire and coffee.  We huddle under blankets until the fire’s warmth reaches our toes.  The snow blew wickedly across the landscape and I was grateful for the warm ember of our home with smoke tufting from the chimney.  I was comforted by the fact that my sole purpose that day would be to make sure the chair in the corner of our front room (the one beside the wood stove) didn’t blow away and that the pulled pork (actually beef) was edible.  I worked away on my scrappy cowl throughout the day and kept that chair in its place.

The sun was bright and the wind howled, but we decided to bundle up for some fresh air.  The wind cut through our clothes bitterly.  We decided to check for eggs and found 4 which brought today’s count up to 5!  The roof is covered with sheets of Styrofoam which has always been fine, but the Wyandottes seem to prefer roosting high and pecked it down.  I began cramming extra insulation into the breezy places in preparation for the cold snap coming this week.

 Silas quickly fell asleep on my lap once we returned to the fire inside.  He tends to fall asleep this way for naps more than he ever would if I put him in his bed for it, but I wouldn’t change that.

 The pulled beef was delicious with candied maple yams, asparagus, and potatoes.

What did your Sunday look like?

go gently + be wonderful


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earth’s best sundays + day six of 365


fresh snow

lots of treats for the chickens

a good day spent with dear friends

homemade Jamaican patties

lemon cake

wild play

a mini snowman

a romp in the woods

guitar by the fire

warm cocoa

nice chats

home again

go gently + be wonderful


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earth’s best sundays steeped in saturday

 a new pup

a bucket full of potatoes


perfect fall colours

fire + coffee

cool wind

grey skies

wagon rides

good food

pumpkin pie

a walk in the woods

preparing myself for a new photography venture {more on that when I am ready}

go gently + be wonderful


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earth’s best sundays

garden work

cashed in my mother’s day chips for a {gripe-free} trip to Ikea

a nearly completed harvest table {!}

warm sun

black flies + mosquitoes. oh my.

phone calls to all the mamas

deck re-style

the return of our hummingbird

ukulele on the porch

last minute preparations for ‘Dancing Rabbit Daycare’


go gently + be wonderful


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earth’s best sundays

a walk in the the woods

running errands and other shopping in a town we once thought of as our holiday town

a quiet tired night


brush pile moved

3 loads of laundry hung outside

dirty happy kids

piled about 7  face cord with help from mom and step dad

still no bugs


hearty bean soup + homemade buns

warm bath + a fire when the temperatures dipped

go gently + be wonderful

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earth’s best sundays a little late

summer friendly warmth

burning brush

walks in the woods

good city friends

toasted marshmallows

yummy food

ridiculously tasty drumstick pie

surprise treat of indian food

old shed demoed and big pretty plans for our garden space.

a visit and homemade blueberry pie from a friend and neighbour

The  warm weather lures us outside more and more these days as we try to fit in everything we possibly can before the bugs come.

It felt like a summer weekend.  We’re tired and achy and warmed to the core.

Going to bed good and tired just the way it should be.

go gently + be wonderful


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earth’s best sundays

For the first time in 8 1/2 years, Mike slept on the couch…

So he could keep the fire going after our furnace conked out at 2am Saturday.

He’s a good man.

living room slumber party

bad Canadian TV

waking with a new mindset

learning to let go of old thought patterns

tapping trees at Ellenberger Organic Farm

new geek chic glasses for Mike

(thank God for good benefits)

thoughts on small living

melting snow

warm wind

an hour lost, but light gained

t’was a good one

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earth’s best sundays – unedited

crepes + jam


6 eggs

next winter’s wood

endless snuggles with clingy babes

more wood

Skype + a phone chat

a warm fire

spaghetti dinner

Now, how it really happened…

After the third sleepless night in a row, we tried to start today with homemade crepes.  Making them, we could hardly hear ourselves think as the kids were hollering for said crepes + jam.  Poppy licked the jam off her crepes and left the rest in a rumpled pile on the table while Silas threw the sticky stuff on the floor.  Silas had a diaper blow out and Poppy was coated in snot.  We thought a morning bath would calm them, but Silas screamed for most of it.  My coffee and crepes went cold while I bathed them and tidied the bathroom.   While we were in the tub, Soma ate the scraps off the sticky table.  I rolled up a cold crepe with some jam and escaped to the chicken coop where, in an attempt to break their water, I soaked my entire right foot and pant leg.

3 eggs {+3 throughout the day}

Our $825 wood order arrived and is now piled where my clothesline usually hangs.  I wonder how long we’ll be looking at that pile of wood, how we will ever get it cut up ourselves, and if I’ll need to find a new home for my clothesline.  Our bank account is grim after that hit.  Meanwhile the kids thought the man and his giant truck of wood were going to hurt Daddy and tweaked accordingly.

The afternoon was a drawn out one of insanely clingy kids and worn out parents; a torn apart house and one load of laundry; a quiet Skype visit with Nannie; a spaghetti dinner (which I burnt), and then back to the couch for more clinging, snotty, feverish kids.  We watched Aristo Cats at least 500 times and would be rich if I had a buck for every time they whined “‘nuggle mama’.

A nice phone chat with my mom.

Now, to bed we go with Netflix and said sick clingy children.

Mike’s quote of the weekend:

“Just give them what they want and maybe they’ll let us live.”

Yeah, not one of our best.

go gently + be wonderful


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earth’s best sundays

a much needed date day

pudding painting and other good Nana time for the kids

long awaited moccasins for mama

a morning of food preparations

more wood

clingy boy

quiet girl

good friends

children in their natural state (read: wild, messy, noisy, happy)

bare bums and beautiful handmade aprons courtesy of Kira and Carefree Clothes for Girls

informal dining

4 kids in a tub

intense and enjoyable conversation



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earth’s best sundays

eggs + salsa

coffee {always coffee on the weekends}

more splits cleaved and piled

sunning in the snow with the chickens

a scale who tells falsehoods

pina colada ice pop from Ice Pop Joy {more on that later}

tasty homemade organic burgers

makeshift moccasins {I am in need of some real ones)

mopped floor {long overdue}

a hot bath

a long family day weekend

Remembering where we were three years ago tonight; anxiously waiting to welcome our Poppy Anne Bird into the world.

go gently + be wonderful


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