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fawned friday

01)  three dancing rabbits.

02)  the dental hygienist in me adores this little pillow.

03)  love.

04)  i need to make this.

05)  will be doing this with kids.

06)  need to replicate this wall.

07)  awesome gift ideas made and sold here.

08)  happy to report I am currently rocking the 1953 shade on my nails.

09)  having a little love affair with all things ruby red and the like these days.

10)  everyone should own a jack knife.  this one should be mine.  there is also this pretty one.

11)  i would.

12)  everything about this picture.

13)  and this one.

14)  a wee bit crunchy, but mostly crass.  she is like me, but way funnier.

15)  one of my favourite childhood Christmas songs.

16)  i would like to make this for delicious Chirstmas gifts.  Now where would one find freeze dried fruit in Canada?


ok.  i’m done.

go gently + be wonderful



fawned friday

01)  the words mike has been searching for to describe me in all our years together.

02)  this is one of the most delightful things I’ve ever seen.

03)  trying to come up with pretty and functional ways to keep our indoor firewood.

04)  i keep meaning to do this!

05)  beautiful image.  wonderful caption.

06)  want to try this simple, yet gorgeous batik

07)  my love for crows grows with each day.

08)  channeling my inner camp girl and re-teaching myself how to make the classic friendship bracelet.

09)  the original roots flat bags are perfect in every way.  I wouldn’t mind if Santa brought me this one for a splash of happy colour.

10)  looking forward to wearing normal clothes again someday.  these jeans look rather perfect.


inspired by miss fawn.


go gently + be wonderful



fawned friday


01)  heat wave induced dreams of fall are dancing in my head.

02)  i love this men’s cut.  I am certain it is outside of my hair cutting abilities, but I bet an old barber would be just the ticket!

03)  oh!  but what word would you choose?

04)  yes.

05)  these look yummy.

06)  must make for post-baby wear!

07)  i just love white, white, white interiors!

08)  this image reminds me of the passing of time and how very sweet these young days are.

09)  cute pillow.

10)  love me some kilim.

{fawned fridays inspired by who else, but miss fawn}

happy weekend.


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fawned friday

01)  i love everything about this image.

02)  one, two, three, four, five…want.

03)  it is nearly time for my annual haircut.  i aim for this, but don’t think i could handle the upkeep of this dreamy colour.

04)  striped rug pillows.  genius and durable.

05)  if you haven’t checked out songza, you should do yourself the favour and never be lacking in the perfect soundtrack department again.

06)  i’d love to take credit, but this app taught poppy ALL her letter sounds in no time, and also got silas interested in letters and sounds.

07)  these look like a summer must!

08)  if only it were that easy.

09) why are british magazines always the loveliest?

10)  i think, perhaps, this is how mike and i will spend our golden years…sell 95% of our worldly goods, re-do a motorhome or airstream, and follow the wind…perhaps.

fawned friday inspired by miss fawn

happy weekending.



fawned friday


01)  This.  This photo.  This beautifully told story… This is the reason I hope to one day befriend a crow.

That is all.


go gently + be wonderful


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fawned friday

01) We are getting two guinea pigs this weekend.  I say it is for the kids, but I am pretty excited too. {source}

02) Wondering if it would be possible to stain our entire house in this perfect slate blue colour…hmmm.

03) Call me a dork, but I want to watch this series.

04) Not sure how this or this would taste, but, oh my, don’t they sound poetic!

05) Love these block printing ideas.


Hmmm, well that’s all I got.  Apparently all I have energy for is fawned fridays, but even that is a struggle.


go gently and be wonderful



fawned friday on a thursday


01)  LOVE this creative birth announcement idea.

02) Unfortunately the “Pretty Purse” category is non-existent in our budget, but oh, if it did exist!

03) I didn’t know these were a thing, but I am so glad they are!

04) A great video of a few local friends (here too).  Inspiring stuff.

05) Welcome to my brain in the grocery store and all the time really…

06) I’d really like a pair of these red sweethearts.

07) This is adorable not to mention maternity/nursing friendly and Canadian.

08) Due to my aversion to maternity pants, it has become apparent that I will be needing more fisherman pants to get me through the summer…and beyond.  Everyone should own at least 2 pairs, no exceptions.

09) There is nothing more refreshing than the lemonade they make at a summer fair.  On the summer to-do list.

10) Perhaps we should do this until our claw foot moves into my bathroom.


go gently + be wonderful


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fawned friday

01) Wolves are wonderful as is this.

02) I need this sign.

03) I love the simplicity of this house.  I swear I am a minimalist trapped in a collector’s body.

04) I would like at least 5 more Bolga Baskets.  One of my very favourite things.

05) I think we have to make this.  The kids are always wanting to iron like me.

06) Love infinity scarves!  Especially when you consider how many you could make from bundles like this or this or this for mama and her girl, but this would be awesome too…oh but I do love a classic ticking too.  So hoping our “entertainment”  budget will have some space for one of these bundles next month!

07) We have three stumps begging for this.

08) I am seriously thinking I’d like get rid of all my clothes and just have these 10  perfectly classic pieces.  Seriously, I may begin the  purge today/this weekend; I am feeling ruthless.

09) Why do I not have this book?  Seriously.

10) I think I found the perfect calendar.  Another $22 from the entertainment budget?


{fawned fridays inspired by miss fawn}


go gently + be wonderful



fawned friday

01)  So perfectly feminine.

02)  This.   Oh my, so much beauty here.

03)  You can do this?!  Could this be the saving grace for our furniture?

04)  Sweetly old fashioned colouring pages.

05)  If I had an iphone, this would be its case.  Her photos are magic.  Or one of these.

06)  In need want of a twenty thirteen calendar.  Love this one too.

07)  This is what our front room logs would look like had they not stained the walls so dark.  Trying to get back to there.

08)  So devastated by what the New Year’s Day forceful release has come to at the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve.  Just awful.

09)  Need more plants!


10)  Time to stop waging war on ourselves.


{fawned friday inspired by miss fawn}


go gently + be wonderful






fawned friday

01) I am quite taken with Ernest these days.

02) I would like to add more of these style elements to our house.  That wallpaper!

03) The perfect argument for painting everything white,  installing wooden counter tops, and creating open shelving.

04) I think I must make this with all the extra cotton I have left over from the crocheted wash clothes I made for gifts this year.

05) SO us.  It made us both LOL.

06) I have a weak spot for denim overalls just like these.  The more unflattering the better.

07) Who wouldn’t want a birthday cake such as this?  I mean seriously.

08) As luck would have it, I have a pair of boots like this from high school.  But am I hip enough, that is the question.

09) Want!.

10) Fawned Friday fodder for sure; we have been singing this all day long.


{fawned fridays inspired by miss fawn}




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