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hereness & thereness by Amberlea Williams

First of all, a huge thank you to Erin for featuring me in this space. Erin and I have been friends and neighbours-in-our-minds for a long time, and reading her blog always grounds me and resonates with me; I am continually inspired by her soul-baring honesty. 

September has always been a time of change, renewal, and beginnings for me; so it feels right that this year it marks a new change in my life: starting my own creative business.

For the last seven years I was a graphic designer. Before that, I was in school for seven years to get into the field (a degree in fine arts, followed by a diploma in graphic design). Somewhere along the way, I became disillusioned with the industry, and realized there was a creative part inside of me that wasn’t satisfied. Though I was designing, I didn’t feel that I was creating. I had lost my passion for my work. That was a scary realization. It took traveling around Asia for 6.5 months to realize that I couldn’t come back and be a graphic designer. But at some point over the trip, that stopped being a scary thing. Why not do something different? I realized that up until that point I was looking for permission to change paths. But really, starting my own Etsy shop is just a new direction on this same creative journey. The path I’ve taken has led me here. It couldn’t have happened any other way.
So now, when my head and sketchbook are bursting with new ideas, I can run down to the sewing machine and get to work. Working with new and upcycled fabrics, I create Wee Fabric Houses with lots of tactile details, a variety of fabrics, and even hand-painted details on some. Each house is unique and tells a story. For instance, the Wee Hobbit House has some laundry on the line out back, beside a rake and broom (with bristles made of twine), suggesting that perhaps when he isn’t curled up in the velour armchair beside the fire, or taking a little stroll down to the river, that he likes things quite clean and orderly.
Other than this patchy, appliqué style of house, I make another style using fabrics custom-printed with my own illustrations. There’s a Birdhouse with a little chickadee resting inside the soft, felted nest, and judging from the wall of family portraits, this particular chickadee comes from a rather regal lineage; and a Japanese Teahouse, which opens to reveal a little table and cushions overlooking a zen garden. There’s a Gingerbread House in the works as well as a new line of hand-puppets to appeal to littler folk, both of which will be ready in time for the Holidays. It’s fantastic watching the houses and puppets take shape, and exciting to imagine how they’ll ignite the imaginations of all ages.
PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTS – Amberlea is offering FREE SHIPPING on her photographic prints until Sunday September, 22nd, 2013!
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jordan bower – lovewallah

I would like to introduce you to a friend.  I worked with Jordan’s father when we lived in the city and I only met him a couple of times in passing, but years later I stumbled upon his blog and was moved to tears by his words.  He has been inspiring me ever since as I have watched him stretch boundaries, strip away the unnecessary, and question himself, our society, our relationships and what we think we already know.  I do hope you will find it in your heart to help him on his journey in any way you can.  He has come up with some really meaningful and beautiful ways to honour each and every contributor and his story is fascinating.

He will change the world one story at a time and remind us all that we have a story worth telling and the ability to change the world.  Thank you Jordan.

My name’s Jordan, I’m a lovewallah, and last year, I walked 3,000 km from Canada to Mexico on a quest for love.  The trip took me 316 days (and 3 pairs of shoes).
It starts, as these stories often do, with pain.  A harsh breakup a few months before I turned 30 seeded me with an enormous amount of anger that needed to get burned off.  So on September 1, 2010, I started walking south from Vancouver towards the border between California and Mexico to attempt a journey on my own that the two of us had dreamed up together.
Anger is a wily emotion.  Just when you think you’ve got it squashed, it takes you somewhere new, somewhere deeper.  Each step on my walk brought me more deeply into myself.  At first, the immensity of my anger terrified me.  Yes, of course, I was angry with my ex-girlfriend.  But the list of other people I was angry with stretched back decades.  And not just people!  The society, the government, the celebrities, the advertisers, the corporations: all those forces that give rise to disempowerment, that make us feel less than perfect, that treat the world with contempt and a mentality of scarcity.

But beneath all of that, I was furiously angry with myself for not being perfect.  That abrasive grain of sand drove me further and further: across the Columbia River, down the Oregon Coast, through the Redwood forest, over the Golden Gate Bridge, and down through Big Sur towards Southern California.  3,000 km later, when I reached the border just south of San Diego on Day 316, like inside an oyster, that grain of sand had turned into a pearl.

Here’s what I’d learned: that if we wait for permission to be great, it’ll never come.  If we lust for someone else to validate us, we’ll never be good enough.  If we surrender our authority, we’ll never find our bliss.
Permission.  Validation.  Authority.  The components of power.  To gain that power in our lives, we need to reclaim our own sense of self.  We need to give ourselves these gifts.
My walk taught me that the route to power was through my heart, through a path of self-love. If I really wanted to change the world and find love, the person I needed to begin with was me.
Ever since I finished the journey, last September, I’ve been thinking about how to share that lesson widely.  That’s the responsibility of journeying into adulthood, I think: what we learn, we must teach.
I’ve been seeking for a way to teach that merges the old ways and the new ways, the traditional with the technological, the instructive with the interactive, the spiritual and the grounded (and the East and the West).  I’ve come up with something really cool: a mobile app that will take you on a kind of interactive scavenger hunt.  The idea is to invite you to walk a metaphoric mile with me and to allow our stories to connect together the old fashioned way – through our hearts.
If we both get out of our heads and into our bodies, we give ourselves the opportunity to learn something new about one another, to see the world a little differently, and to appreciate the beauty that lies in the spaces in between.  There, in the real world, beyond our comfort zone, we learn to trust the wisdom of our hearts, the genius of our intuition; we prove that creativity and faith lie far beyond the cold, harsh logic of our trickster minds.
Getting back in our body helps remind us about the abundance of things, and that creative possibilities and opportunities to grow are truly limitless.  When that lesson sinks in, both of us will be better off.  Both of us will learn to be in power.  And not by sharing power.  By finding our own power and becoming truly empowered.
After all, 1+1 really equals 11.
That’s what we need most of all, I think: to share a message of positivity and empowerment at a time so focused on fear.  To rebuild our communities around honesty and heartfelt connections.  To become 11.  That’s why I’m sharing my story with you today.  That’s what I hope to help do.
But to do it, I need your help.
Right now, I’m fundraising for this next phase of my project on the website  Here’s the short video that tells my story.

If you’re inspired and able, I’d love your support.  Even if you don’t feel you can, I’d love your help spreading the word.  My goal is to contribute towards that important move towards empowerment and stability.  I think we can do it, and I’m dedicating myself to discovering (and showing) how.

I really hope you’ll come along this next phase of the adventure with me.  I’ve got a great story to share, and I’d love to do it together

You can also find me at and on facebook.  Thanks for reading.

Best wishes and have a great day.

sponsor giveaway – chicks in hats

I am Julie Persons, the woman behind the camera in the Chicks in Hats series. My 8 year old daughter Ruby and I began this project last spring when we had new chicks and a pile of tiny hats left over from a previous project (Gerbils in Hats) and we decided to combine the two.  Ruby was the chick wrangler and hat placer while I took the photographs and tried to capture the moment before a chick would fling a hat across the table. We had so much fun working on this together that Ruby and I have decided to continue working on it when our new chicks arrive this spring.

I hope you love the series as much as I loved creating it.
You can also find the chicks on Facebook as Chicks in Hats.

the giveaway

Julie is generously giving away 2 packs of 4 notecards, a mixed pack of postcards and 3 magnets to one  lucky winner!

Also she is offering feather + anchor readers a coupon code “chicksinhats” for 20% off in the etsy shop.

I know my own fridge will be a much happier place with these sweet prints.

To enter

Blog, Pin, Tweet, Share this giveaway

Heart the Etsy Shop or Like Chicks in Hats on Facebook

Leave a comment answering the following question: Which chick/hat/outfit is your favourite?

Be sure to leave a different comment with a link or note about where you’ve shared for each share/tweet/pin/like if you wish to enter more than once.

Giveaway open to everyone and will close on Friday, April 6th at 7pm.  The winner will be announced shortly after, at the bottom of this post.  So be sure to check back.

P.S. You have until 7pm tonight to enter the Long White Cloud…Baby Giveaway!


Deborah Cunefare


sponsor giveaway – long white cloud…baby

Long White Cloud…baby, is a stylish collection of handmade, eco-friendly and Organic, baby and toddler clothes. The range is designed and handmade in Ocean Grove – a sunny beachside town in Australia.
The creator, Nicole, has a motto that “Eco-friendly shouldn’t cost the Earth!” and her creations reflect this. She offers both an Organics range, and an Up-cycled range, so that any budget can afford Eco-friendly.
Nicole’s passion for the environment, and equal access to Eco-friendly products is what drives her. After struggling to find clothing for her own busy toddlers, that ticked all of the boxes of:
Eco – friendly
she took matters into her own hands, and created Long White Cloud…baby ( the collection’s name, is inspired by her native homeland of New Zealand, which is affectionately called ” The Land of the Long White Cloud ” – the Organic Merino fabric is also sourced from the gorgeous Merino sheep roaming the mountains of New Zealand  )
The beauty of handmade paired with Eco-friendly, is that each piece is functional, affordable and unique! And most importantly, it’s gentle on the Earth!

the giveaway

Nicole is offering one lucky reader a $50 gift certificate towards anything in her shop!

how to enter

1) Blog, Pin, Tweet, Heart or Share this giveaway
2) Leave a comment answering the following question: What is your favourite item in the Long White Cloud…Baby shop?

Be sure to leave a different comment with a link or note about where you’ve shared for each share/tweet/pin/like if you wish to enter more than once.
Giveaway open to everyone and will close on Friday, 30th at 7pm.  The winner will be announced shortly after, at the bottom of this post.

Remember, you only have until 7pm tonight to enter last week’s giveaway!

 the winner

I have sent your email to Nicole and she will be in touch shortly!  Congrats and thanks for playing.


sponsor giveaway – luxfish handspun yarns

I started knitting when I was 18. I was visiting a friend, who’s grandmother was visiting too. She would sit down with her knitting every night. I gradually saw the transformation from a ball of yarn into a wee baby sweater. I was enamored and had to learn! My first scarf was pretty holey! My first hat didn’t fit anyone! But I fell in love and was soon knitting for everyone! I found that after a few years, I was growing a yarn habit I couldn’t afford….hand dyed silks, handspun angoras, rare Peruvian cottons, and bright naturally dyed wool. I thought to myself, if I can knit, why can’t I spin? So I found a learn to spin kit and I was set. I was obsessed! I tried every kind of fiber I could get my hands on! And now after four solid years of spinning, I tend to gravitate towards softer wool blended with curly locks for texture or bamboos and silks for shine. I always strive to make my yarns one of a kind with rich, saturated colour. I want my yarns to feel luxurious when you are working with them.
I update every Sunday at 11:00 MT unless otherwise noted on my facebook page. I alternate my updates between my etsy shop and my big cartel shop. I am always willing to work with anybody on a custom order too. If you can dream up a yarn, I can probably bring your dream into reality!

the giveaway

Jessica is kindly offering a $25 gift certificate for her shop which can be used on any of her delicious handspun yarns.  She would also like to offer you lovely readers a 20% off coupon for use in her shop.  Simply use coupon code fullhouse for the discount.

how to enter

1) Blog, Pin, Tweet, Heart or Share this giveaway
2) Like Luxfish on Facebook
3) Leave a comment answering the following question: What project would you like to make with these luscious yarns?

Be sure to leave a different comment with a link or note about where you’ve shared for each share/tweet/pin/like if you wish to enter more than once.

Giveaway open to everyone and will close on Friday, 23rd at 7pm.  The winner will be announced shortly after, at the bottom of this post.


Vicki E – I have forwarded your email to Jessica and she will be in touch shortly!

I do hope the rest of you will wander on over to her shop and put that coupon code to good use!

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spring touches down

We’ve been enjoying more time outside these days.  It is nice to have some daylight left when Mike gets home too.  We stay out until someone falls flat in an ice cold puddle and our finger tips are nearly numb.  Bits of stubborn snow linger around the house and in shady places, but it is nearly gone.  The yard is a sloppy mess as it always is this time of year.  W’e’re filled to the brim with ideas and plans and it amazes me how quickly we forget what the ground looked like blanketed in Winter.

Today, while the kids stomped in puddles and chased the happy free range chickens (we’ll be building a pen shortly as we’re very near a busy road), I raked, re-hung the clothesline, tidied some messes which had been hiding under the snow, and removed the pine boughs decorations from the side porch.  I hung the diapers outside for the first time of the season on the rack in the porch.  Once inside, we did some kid’s yoga, then made and gobbled up homemade burgers and coleslaw for lunch.  The kids are warming up under the wool blanket together now.  I’ve lit a fire to warm the 59* house and the temp is rising quickly.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love a fire and seasoned wood.  Oh, let me count the ways.

I wonder how the sap is running in these parts, I hope it is a decent year and look forward to being around when Dad and Janet boil theirs down.  We’ve scanned our own property for even a few good maples to tap for syrup, but have found none.   It would appear we have everything but sugar maples around us.  They say you can get about one liter of finished syrup per tree so even if we could tap a few it would be a satisfying task.  We would need an outdoor stove, and some extra wood to keep the fire going, but it would be an exciting thing to do as a family.

I often think about how expensive and involved the process of becoming more self sustained actually is.  You have to find, build, and purchase equipment and gear and then maintain it. Money is tight, but it is about much more than cost for us.  It is about the experience and lessons for ourselves and for our children.  It is important to us that the old ways (as watered down as some of them may be) don’t die with our generation.  In a word, these skills, tasks and arts are priceless.  I couldn’t tell you how much a dozen of our eggs would cost, but when I watch the kids run among the chickens with sheer joy, or when I happen upon the nesting box to find a warm egg (or 5), or when I watch them run after me and my dish of kitchen scraps none of that matters.  All that matters is that is feels right and good; our bills are paid (if only by the skin of our teeth), our tummies are full of good food, and we are loved and healthy.

Anyway, just stopping in to tell you Spring has finally touched down in our part of the world and it is making our hearts glad.  I hope the same for all of you.


P.S.  Oh!  Feather + Anchor sponsor Luxfish is having a wee sale in her handspun yarn shop!  Enter code “fullhouse” to get 15% off your order!  Good until March 24th, 2012!  Sweet!


go gently + be wonderful


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sponsor giveaway – gypsy forest

Hello there :)I am Stephinie, the creator and sewist of Gypsy Forest.

A mama to four, a happy house wife, an Alaskan girl transplanted into the deep south and a lover of all things creative.

The items I’ve chosen to offer in my shop are all carefully constructed with beautiful fibers and made to last. With care your handcrafted spindrift quilt can be passed onto the next generation, which is just what quilts should do.

I am especially passionate about choosing beautiful handmade (and thrifted) items for my own home. Knowing a handcrafted item created by me will make its way to you truly makes my heart sing…..

To my customers, I am so grateful to you! The purchases you make enable me to contribute to the needs of my family & of course I hope you adore your handcrafted item as well. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you!

Our family packs up the house & moves every 3 years or so to follow my husband’s career…. so while the handmades are crafted in the deep south of Louisiana as of now… I just never know where the journey will take us next. {but I’m hoping for snow!}

If you’d a little peek into my daily {rambling} creative living wander on over to my personal blog:

the giveaway

This wonderful giveaway is for a set of three small play silks (21×21 inch each).  How lovely!

Stephinie is also kindly offering a pretty little coupon code for 10% off your purchase:


to enter

1) Blog, Pin, Tweet, Heart or Share this giveaway

3) Leave a comment answering the following question:  What is your favourite item in Stephinie’s Gypsy Forest shop?
Be sure to leave a different comment with a link or note about where you’ve shared for each share/tweet/pin/like if you wish to enter more than once.

Giveaway open to everyone and will close on Friday, 16th at 7pm.  The winner will be announced shortly after, at the bottom of this post.
I do hope you wander on over to her shop and put that coupon code to good use!
Be sure to check out her blog as well.  She is one of this month’s guest writers at the Rhythm of the Home Blog
P.S.  You have until 7pm today to enter the Missy’s Portraits GIVEAWAY.

the winner


I have given your info to Stephinie and she will be contacting your shortly!  Thanks for playing!

Be sure to check out this week’s giveaway!

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Guest Post – Finding Wisdom From a Picture Book

Today I am pleased to share a guest post from KC at Little Homestead in the Desert.  We have arranged to feature each other in our own spaces this month.  Last week, her blog featured a thoughtfully crafted interview with yours truly.  She is a wonderful and inspiring blogger and mama.  I do hope you find your way to her blog and say hello!

I sat on the floor, cross-legged, with my toddler on one knee and my infant in the arm across, and I tried to read them a book. Because it is much more interesting for a toddler to turn the pages back and forth than to read word for word, not much actual reading was being done; so, having given up on reading properly, my mind wandered to all the things I wanted to do: laundry, writing a new blog post, knitting, baking bread, sewing that apron I promised a friend. That lead me to thinking of all the other things I wanted to do or have happen in my life rather then sit here, not quite reading the same picture book for the hundredth time.

When my daughter turned the page once again I found myself reading out loud, “Well if you can’t have what you want, you could try to want what you have.” Suddenly the metaphorical light bulb turned on over my head: what was I thinking, wanting to do all these other things and be somewhere else when the two little people who matter most to me were right here? Peacefully reading a book together with happy, healthy children; isn’t this the kind of moment I wanted to have for years?

When you forget to live in the present you can’t possibly move on to the future. If I’m not happy with things as they are now how could I possibly be happy in the future when we are in the position to buy a house, or raise chickens, or get a dog? I’d be doing the same thing, wanting something else, just out of reach.

I looked at my daughters and thought, “They are so present in this moment, all they want is to hang out with me.” They are truly happy in this moment because they don’t think about all these wants. They don’t want to have chickens, or have sweaters knitted for them, or want to live in the mountains; they are still too young to pine for the zoo, or want that new toy. They want their mama, food, and a safe place to explore. So I decided it is time to start wanting what I already have… and then of course I was pulled into the present moment by breast milk vomit running down one arm and a toddler saying “eww mama, snot.” on the other.

After I cleaned everyone up we turned to the end of the book and it said very poignantly, “And I looked, and my mom looked, and my goldfish looked utterly totally blissfully happy.” How did they get there? It included spending countless hours training a goldfish to catch a stick, when even the child knew it was probably a fool’s errand, but it did not matter, because it was his dream. And there it was, wisdom for the ages in a children’s picture book.

It’s easy to see the problems in your life, and it’s natural to want to improve those wrongs; but recognizing what’s already good about this moment of your day, this month, this part of your life will lead you to happiness now and the fortitude to continually build a present when the things you want are already here, instead of waiting for a better future that may never come.

In case your curious, the book is called Dogfish by Gillian Shields. It’s one of our favorites and has been so well read that it’s literally held together by tape. Thank you Erin for letting me be here today. It’s an honor to have posted in this space.

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sponsor giveaway – missy’s portraits

My name is Melissa (a.k.a. Missy) and I am a wife to my darling hubby Jason and a new mother to my beautiful little angel Elizabeth (we like to call her Betsy).

When I first became a mother and I began my maternity leave, I knew immediately that I did not want to go back to work full time. I wanted to be a full time mom AND try get back to my first love – painting. Betsy inspired me to specialize with portraits of children after I had painted a portrait of her at only 9 weeks old.

I have a bachelor degree in Art and I have been painting for 20 + years. It is my true passion.

Please let me know if you would like to a custom portrait painted. All you need to do is send me a photo and I will recreate it into a original work of art.

With all these wonderful sponsors why waste time?  Lets fire up the first incredible giveaway of the month, shall we?

the giveaway

The incredibly talented Melissa is offering one very lucky winner a custom 9″x12″ portrait.  That is a $150 dollar value!

As well, Melissa is offering a 20% off coupon code: MISSYSSPECIALOFFER for you to use towards your own custom portrait from her shop.

to enter

1) Blog, Pin, Tweet, Heart or Share this giveaway

2) Like Missy’s Portraits on Facebook
3) Leave a comment answering the following question:  What portrait would you like Melissa to paint for you?
Be sure to leave a different comment with a link or note about where you’ve shared for each share/tweet/pin/like if you wish to enter more than once.
Giveaway open to everyone and will close on Friday, 9th at 7pm.  The winner will be announced shortly after, at the bottom of this post.

Be sure to check out her shop or website and give them some love!
The Winner is…Erin Lawrence!
Congratulations and thanks for playing!
Don’t forget!  Everyone who didn’t win, you can still use that 20% off coupon code!
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fawned friday


01) This looks like a murky photograph.  I love it.

02) This is a great perspective.  More people should share it.

03) I have no idea of this site’s ethical practices, but if anyone can shed light on that I will take one of everything in this shop.

04) This looks like a film worth watching.


I am going to cut today’s fawned friday post a little short since it was interrupted by Silas waking with a barking croup cough about 30 minutes after going to bed last night.  We were up most of  the night bundled up sitting outside on the porch and in hot steamy baths.  Woke up with a snotty girl.  Looks like we’re spending the day on the couch with movies.  Hoping tonight is better.

Be sure to check back later today as I will be posting a CRAZY good giveaway from Missy’s Portraits!

You won’t want to miss it.

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